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Letting Go

You were born here,
And died here,
Against your will….
Hurled into this world,
And taken from it,
By an unseen hand.
But you live on
In our love.
We’re your monument,
And your epitaph.

Where you lead,
I must follow,
In my own way…
You showed me how,
To carry a burden,
To accept my fate,
To leave gracefully,
When my time has come…

At the end I was helpless…
I could not comfort you,
Or give you peace.
As it was a cup,
That could not pass from you.
At the end I was a child,
Already missing you,
Who still needed your love…
So when the fire of your spirit,
Became a flickering ember,
Your last smile,
And wave goodbye,
Meant so much.

Your final ceremony,
Was filled with tears,
But left me comforted
And inspired.
It collected,
All the sparks of your life,
Into a pure beacon,
That shone,
One last time,
And then faded away.

Written by thus.i.wrote

October 29, 2012 at 12:33 am

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