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Child, Love Yourself – You are Wonderful

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I know 1-1

Child, It breaks my heart
To see you in so much pain
You have so much to give
You have so much to gain

Child, You are free
To choose your life’s purpose true
But you must wait sometimes
For your purpose to find you

Child, I would embrace you
Let your beating heart be still
I would stroke your hair
I would let you have your fill
I would rock you softly
I would kiss you gently
Until you felt my love’s shade
Until you felt your anxiety fade

Child, You are special to me
I am with you everyday
You are never alone
Please believe what I say
We are swimmers
Out on an ocean swell
Sometimes up in heaven
Sometimes down in hell
But your time will come
Just believe in yourself
The world will give to you
When you have given yourself

Child, Bless you
And my love to you
I just wish there was more
That I could do for you
But I know deep within
You will find the love anew
That you must give
To somebody wonderful…you.


Written by thus.i.wrote

January 13, 2015 at 12:07 am

Posted in Poems, Poetry

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