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God and CCTV

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We don’t need the fire
Or the brimstone of hell
We’ve found something
That will do just as well
We fear its all seeing eye
Will observe us if we sin
And we fear the penance that
Our transgressions will bring
We don’t need prayer
We can telephone our plea
And we don’t need God
We’ve got CCTV

We don’t need confession
We’ve another ceremony
We now explore our guilt
On the couch with therapy
We don’t need the bible
We’ve so many laws
And self-help books
To help fix our flaws
We’ve come so far since
Moses parted the Red Sea
So we don’t need God
We’ve got CCTV

We asked God for meaning
But silence is all we hear
We may feel empty
And be filled with fear
We may be seduced by
Evil leaders and religious lies
With evil manipulation
Wrapped in a meaningful disguise
We may commit many sins
By what they decree
To replace God’s meaning
Unseen by CCTV

Written by thus.i.wrote

February 3, 2015 at 7:50 pm

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