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The Woman in the Red Dress (Del Ray) – Lyrics

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Act 1

It’s a stormy night
But the balcony is dry
I can hear the rain falling
I can see the clouds fly
I drink my whisky down
It warms my gut
Her red dress is wet
And her eyes are shut

We hear the music float
From the streets below
And she smiles and she sways
And she dances real slow
As I watch her move
I feel my blood rise
I wait till she’s ready
And she opens her eyes

Well…I must have been crazy
She had a troubled past
But she’s so beautiful
I forget it couldn’t last

“Dance with me Baby”
“This is our night”
And she holds out her arms
In the pale moonlight

Act 2

She finds me again
She’d gone missing for a while
She has a bottle of whisky
And her “kiss-me” smile
I feel the whisky burn
All the way down
I can see the dawn is breaking
Over this forgotten town

She takes off her red dress
I can see her new tattoos
And I was nearly falling
And losing myself anew

I said “I loved you once
But its all over now…”
“Oh”, She said “Please hold me
Because I need you now…”

Act 3

The sweat runs its journey
Slowly down my back
As I sit in a bar
Way off the beaten track
The music hangs in the air
The sea crashes nearby
He said “Have another whisky…
Now tell me…why?”

“Well…her vulnerable beauty
Was her siren song
And it pulled me in
From the ship I was on
We went in fast on a ride
That was wild and strong
And she forgot her demons
But it was not for long

And it felt like love
’Til things began to break
I thought I was enough
But that was my mistake

She hid her strong will
Deep in her vulnerability
I was broken on the rocks
Hidden in her stormy sea…”

Act 4

I finished my song
To a little applause
It was long past midnight
And it felt a lost cause
I packed my Martin guitar
With its Baggs pickup
She gave them to me
Long after our breakup

She took one of my names
But she spelt it wrong
She only ever wanted
To sing her song
And she sacrificed all
With talent and brand
Until the world chose her
With an invisible hand

Well…she’s famous now
But I’m hurt by the calculation
Of all the steps she buried
Under her infatuation

I’m lonely sometimes
With my choice to be free
My fire ain’t as hot
But it belongs to me

Written by thus.i.wrote

September 6, 2015 at 11:34 am

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