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The Space in Between

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the-conversation-piotr-antonow b&w

I found myself one morning, I was looking at the lines on my face
I wondered how I got there, how did I come to this place
I tried to keep my options open, over what next I would do
I never really knew myself, so how could I ever really know you?

In London I saw you dancing, And then we talked over drinks for a while
You laughed and said it’s not the time, it’s the wear and it’s the miles
I smiled as I tried to read you, I tried to predict what next you would do
But that was before I learned, I could never really know you.

You said after a party, “You fall in love with every pretty thing”
“You just love making women laugh, all the dancing and the flirting”
“Maybe you are shallow, Maybe you just blow with the wind”
“Or maybe I just can’t read you, so I fear that you have sinned”

We listened to Jimi Hendrix, his version of Dylan’s Watchtower
I wondered why it resonated, and what gave it that beauty and power
I asked you what you thought, but it seemed like it went over your head
You said that you preferred, some spiritual Indian music instead.

We drank too much and talked about stuff,  about love’s great mystery
Oh why do we fall in and out of love, why do we search ceaselessly?
I asked “Is it just a transaction, A simple exchange of value”
You said “That’s way too crude, That’s a very unromantic view”.

In the evening light on the pavement, I sat with my glass of red wine
I heard many conversations, that I wished were part of mine
I’m in a boat on the ocean, I guess that’s how I stay afloat
But the ocean calls me seductively, “dive in, its time to leave the boat”.

Written by thus.i.wrote

February 13, 2016 at 10:07 am

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  1. Distance
    Between Him and Her
    The Awkwardness
    To Get To Know Each Other
    When It’s Right
    When It’s Time
    It Will Feel
    Like ReDiscovering Yourself
    When It’s Real
    It Will Pain You
    To Lose Her
    She’ll Fill Your Heart
    With All That You
    Hoped For and More
    All I’m Saying
    She’s Out There
    Looking For You

    She’ll Feel As Ludic and Playful


    February 24, 2016 at 12:50 pm

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