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Macbeth 2016

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Will nothing become me more in my life
Than my leaving it?
Will I face my end with graceful acceptance
Or will I end up grieving it?

Some say “It’s better to be a live dog,
Than to be a dead lion”
We must not be burdened by the past
’Cos today is all we can rely on

Men built great monuments to God
And they discovered with good reason
But God was discovered to be dead
He bound us together for a season

Now Hawking worries about AI
“It could end the human race”
What value will we then offer each other
In this crowded Godless place?

See how I live mostly half out of life
I impotently observe and plan
Sometimes I observe women full of life
And I offer them my dwindling uses, as their man

Written by thus.i.wrote

February 15, 2016 at 2:57 pm

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  1. He speaks of words that I have thought and written
    A dog knows his loyalty and obedience to his owner
    A lion knows his prey and his domain

    Many have placed such God in the highest place
    Giving him the credit for how far they’ve come and lived

    I was tested three times with my life
    I was raised catholic
    With the fear that
    If you didn’t believe you
    You would be punished and abandoned

    But in my worst
    In this dark hole of despair
    I detached myself from the word of God
    And discovered another to live
    And rise from illness and despair

    I learned deep meditation
    But more importantly
    I learned the power of my mind

    Now I write and I have more than a few happy days
    I have my life and my brain.


    February 15, 2016 at 11:40 pm

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