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Flesh and Bone

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IMG_0283 Flesh and Bone

Alas, we’re now long gone
From the warmth, of flesh, and of bone
From a world, that’s forgotten, us
We lie together, here, in stone

We have loved, and we’ve shared our lives
Through laugher and tears, we were never, alone
We have served, the world, together well
And now we’re together, here, in stone

But this hard scene, is not for us
Because we, cannot love, anymore
We hope it brings comfort, to you, still living
To see us together, here, in stone

Don’t worry so much, while you’re still alive
You’ve so much more, than a great King, who’s long gone
The memories of his victories, are now, all worn away
Like our faces, here, in stone

So now hold, your loved ones close
Flesh to flesh, and bone, to bone
Enjoy your life, in every hour, of every day
Until you join us, here, in stone

Written by thus.i.wrote

April 12, 2016 at 4:00 pm

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