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Dark Summer Skies

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Jo Cox B&W

Dark skies, foreboding
No summer sun or rain
I feel the wheel is turning
It’s time for change again
We don’t do it neat
But within the rules we agree
We make blind bets
On our future religiously

Complex Truths, Simple Lies
We don’t want statistics
Have cake, eat cake
Let’s banish pessimists
Unicorns and Sunny uplands
If we take our country back
Let’s blame the Eu
For whatever we lack

Have faith, our faith
We don’t need expert views
Stir emotion, stir fears
Must control all the news
Use Lies, Use untruths
Engage and stir the nation
Stir emotion, stir fears
Over sovereignty and immigration

And then the veil was ripped
By those who knew
And darkness seeped in
And darkness came through
In the noise you got sick
And you fell to the ground
Your pure heart stopped
And silence wrapped round

You were the best of us,
You were the best of us
When your smile danced
You were the best of us,
You were the best of us
We were deeply enhanced

Getup, standup
Gotta stand up for your rights
Evil shall happen while good people
Remain hidden and out of sight
The fragile light of the world
That we’ve built for so long
Needs people who serve right
To fight those who serve wrong

I had a visceral feeling
The grief of a death or divorce
It was punch to the heart
It punched with so much force
It’s done for a generation
It’s a civil war without guns
But I know who they are
I know they are the ones

Elites wore new clothes
Demagogues with a new blend
They polluted the waters
But he’s no fisherman’s friend
Take back, bring back
Lies about democracy and control
They focussed on the 1%
And not the damage to the whole

Ignorance is a choice
Ignorance is a choice
We choose what we do
Ignorance is a choice
Ignorance is a choice
For me and for you

Written by thus.i.wrote

August 5, 2016 at 11:54 am

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