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Broken Hearted Again

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I ain’t afraid to say it
I’m broken hearted again
And if you read this
Know that it ain’t your sin
I guess we tried
But trying don’t always win
I’ve learnt another lesson
Broken hearted again

I really thought we’d found
That which we all seek
A love that’s so strong
A love so pure and deep
But we fell off the horse
Just after we were to begin
Now we’re hurt and sore
Broken hearted again

We wrote and we spoke
Many times a day
But now there’s too much silence
So many things in the way
So many barriers raised
Is this what reality brings?
It’s an old familiar feeling
Broken hearted again

Will you curl into a ball?
Into a foetal position?
Protect yourself from harm?
With controlled decisions?
You said we are twins
We feel everything the same
Do we still have a chance?
Broken hearted again

I regret some things
But only how we played
We moved so fast and free
Should’ve used some scripts instead
Oh.. I loved the feeling
And the deep connection we gained
We’re brave but we lost our grip
Broken hearted again

Written by thus.i.wrote

December 11, 2016 at 12:10 am

Gatsby & Daisy

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I’m certainly glad to see you,
You look so graceful and elegant,
In your lilac, silk dress.
I see you have a golden aura,
I hear your voice is full of money,
Among the tea, cake and flowers..yes
And the white drapes they rose,
On the wind from the sea.
I was lost in their billowing,
And their seductive revelry.
You’re my light in the distance,
You’re my hope and you’re my goal.
You’re my light in the distance,
I feel you pull at my soul.

And the band began to play,
As they cleared the tables away,
For the glittering young things.
They laughed and they danced,
In their sparkling dresses,
And their sparkling diamond rings.
But we left in secret,
To a secret garden tree.
And under the twinkling lights,
I kissed you and you kissed me.
You’re my light in the distance,
You’re my hope and you’re my goal.
You’re my light in the distance,
I feel you pull at my soul.

My hope and my wonder,
Drove me all my life
On a ride wild and fast.
But I was swimming against a current,
That was bearing me ceaselessly,
Back into my past.
And one by one my lights went out,
I was broken up like glass.
Upon the hard, cold malice,
Of your cruel and careless class.
You’re my light in the distance,
But I was drowned in your entourage.
You’re my light in the distance,
But you were a shimmering mirage.