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I’m Not In Love

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“I’m not in love”, so the song said
As we danced through our time spent
In the dimly lit country hall
Where I asked you what it meant.
You smiled and you explained were so new on the scene
You had red hair and freckles
You were 15 to my, oh so mature, 17

We laughed a lot together
We had something I needed
In my heart I felt something new
But I’d not learned how to read it.
I ripped away all who wanted me then
In a dark field I was blind
For a physical and mature experience
I left your innocence behind

And I often wonder why
And I often regret
The voice calling in the darkness
“A nice bit of fluff” my dad said…
I was 21, I asked her to my party…
But like some movie oversight
She waited for me as I expected her
And so we passed like ships in the night.

A year earlier I was a fool
I asked someone honourable to break
I wanted her to leave another
She knew it would be a mistake…
Now she moves in my shadows
My ghost from my yesterday
Alive but dead to my touch
In a picture that will never decay

Written by thus.i.wrote

November 11, 2015 at 9:44 pm

On Childhood – 2

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titian_sacra-conversazione b&w

I crawled under the ivy
I crawled under the trees
I crawled to where the flowers grow
My father dug the earth
My mother gave birth
Under my hands I felt the earth flow

I sat where the sun shone
Where the hay was tossed on
And the smell rose to the sky
We drank tea and fed
On rhubarb in bread
And we talked of things, Dad and I

I held his hand with the lark
I was afraid of the dark
As we took milk to the creamery
In the horse and cart
We laughed and felt part
Of the world that raced by me

I stayed outside alone
I was scared on my own
I said I’d no money but I lied
All the children go
To the puppet show
I stayed outside and I cried

Down the hill I go
Through the green meadow
I could see them all laid out
As the hailstones fell
As they lashed my legs
As they moved all our things out

Written by thus.i.wrote

February 13, 2015 at 6:29 pm

On Childhood

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Parent and Son

Red hair and green ivy
Brown freckles and laughing play
My childhood full of light
I remember it that way

The river and the green fields
The ocean and the seaweed
I lived by the sea when I was young
On a farm where the animals feed

The pig and the yearly killing
The blood and the community
My mother always cried inside
So they could not see

Brown corduroy and cropped hair
A shy and worried smile
Different and often alone
Punch was a frightening trial

Incence and fancy dress
The magic of the feast
Enthralled by the church
I could have been a priest

Her blue eyes and blonde hair
I love memories of this
I was so ignorant of life
But she gave me first kiss

Written by thus.i.wrote

February 5, 2015 at 2:46 pm