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I’ve always had vinyl thoughts
In a world digital and online
And as all the world connected
I’ve often felt different and offline

My heart won’t move too fast
It moves to a beat that’s slow
It’s wary of too much emotion
It won’t trust what it doesn’t know

I looked across the table
I saw her laughing at my jokes
I sometimes wonder what happened
How did it all go up in smoke?

Maybe it was the wine that night
It was red and it was rough
But we just drank it all down
We never knew enough was enough

Oh..she was so beautiful
Something about her just won’t let go
But she had too many masks
Now I guess I’ll never know

I’ve tried to feel the rhythm
To understand how it all moved
But I’m still blind to the rhythm
As my every mistake proved

Written by thus.i.wrote

November 24, 2016 at 2:40 pm

Fissure and Split

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There’s a fissure and a split,
In the armour that I’ve built,
That makes me so restless now.
In the recesses of my mind,
Where fear scurries blind,
And darkness rises somehow.

There’s a tightness in my gut,
Of time racing and things ending, but,
I’ve a longing for forbidden things.
I hear the inexorable journey’s hiss,
To the darkness of the abyss,
And the sound while the banshee sings.

To that which I had completed,
To that which I had defeated,
And that which I must rise above now.
The cacophony of rejection,
As loneliness and non-acceptance,
Irrelevance and uselessness row.

I wrestle in my dreams now,
A dark demon that stalks and howls,
Suddenly stripped of my armour’s power.
I’m suddenly falling from on high,
Fearing multiple goodbyes,
Before hellos have finished their hour.

And yet I’m brave so I must rise,
To look my fears in the eyes,
And because I’m blessed to be alive.
I will stand and fight,
For love and the right,
To hold someone’s hand and smile.

Written by thus.i.wrote

November 22, 2016 at 9:26 am