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Lo, There do I see my Father

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Lo There do I see my Father

I don’t like it much
The destruction, division and deceit
Does that make me
One of the Liberal Elite?

I don’t like it much
All the insults & the lack of respect
Does that make me
Too Politically Correct?

I don’t like it much
The noise all around
All the ignorance and the lies
Empty vessels make most sound

There’s never enough time under the sun
We all leave this place with much undone
With visceral feelings of roads not taken
But we’re not alone and we’re not forsaken

Lo, There do I see my Father
Lo, There do I see my Mother
And My Sisters and my Brothers
Lo, There do I see the line
Of my people back in time
Lo, There do they call to me
To take my place in the halls of Eternity
Where our enemies have been vanquished
Where the brave shall live forever
Where the truth shall reign
Where there’s beauty and no pain
Where we shall not mourn but rejoice
For we have lived a good life

I’ve squandered days with plans of future plays
I’ve not planned this I tell, & I vow to live what’s left well
For all I ought to have thought, and have not thought;
For all I ought to have said, and have not said;
For all I ought to have done, and have not done;
I ask for forgiveness.


Written by thus.i.wrote

December 20, 2017 at 3:12 pm

Fractured Narratives

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We argued last night
We tore some things apart
There’s so much anger
There’s fear and pain in our hearts
We need a common reality
Not this fractured one
We cannot communicate
With understanding so far gone

The futures we planned
The narratives we told
Are now fractured and torn
And now Winter brings cold
We look for entertainment
Provocation and distraction
To avoid the future
To huddle in factions

There is a darkness
Hidden deep in us all
Maybe we won’t recognise
Those who make the call
As they unleash it to rise
Like a hungry dog to feed
They will hide in shadows
But they won’t bleed

Something’s fractured,
Something’s cold
In the future we planned
In the narratives we told.

Fake enemies are blamed
In a circus of simple lies
To distract from complex truth
Of complex living on the rise
False gods are raised
In a false future portrayed
Have cake and eat cake
Have blind faith they said.

Something’s fractured,
Something’s cold
In the future we planned
In the narratives we told

Written by thus.i.wrote

September 5, 2017 at 11:19 am

Black Mantilla

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Black Mantilla Artwork

You’re in a black mantilla by my grave
In the black dress bought from money you’ve saved
You’re in black sunglasses dropping tears
You’re oblivious to quizzical glances here
Now throw in your red rose
To finish your design
And I’ll love you forever
…In the memories I’ve left behind
And I’ll love you forever
…In the memories I’ve left behind

You’re in a straw hat as the waves they pass
You’re drinking Rosado from a beaded glass
You’re in black sunglasses hiding your fears
You’re oblivious to admiring glances here
And the breeze it carries the sun
As the boats begin to dance
As the stars align one more time
…You have one more chance
As the stars align one more time
…You have one more chance

We acquire knowledge,
And we pass it on down the line
We do what we can
As we pass through time
Even with our backs against the wall
There’s still hope for us today
We have no answers
But we still have stuff that we can say
And I know we have no answers
But we still have stuff that we can say

We love each other
With our beautiful fractured hearts
We need something to hold onto
We need someone’s hand to grasp

Written by thus.i.wrote

June 6, 2017 at 9:28 am

We The People

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Get more great artwork from the We the People campaign on the Amplifier Foundation website. Build bridges not walls.

Written by thus.i.wrote

January 20, 2017 at 4:31 pm


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When you parted from me
I felt uneasy
I felt uneasy

We’d connected tentatively
Then more deeply
All too briefly
More deeply

We rode wildly,
We fell differently
You and me

Have you taken from me?
All you needed from me?
All you needed from me?

What do you think when you see?
Your memories?
Playing timelessly?
In your memories?

We’re moving on freely,
Moving on differently
You and me

Since you parted from me,
I’ve felt uneasy
I’ve felt uneasy

Written by thus.i.wrote

January 15, 2017 at 12:12 pm

Things Fade

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Alexanderplatz in the snow
Berlin Cathedral on show
Grey sky, Blue stars appear

Near Frankfurter Tor
Something began to stir
We drank beers and examined our years

I lost myself…I lost myself

We give so much
Now what’s left of us?
As we fit in and survive we said

Later we stared at that dome
And talked of our homes
And how our past pulls and things fade

I lost myself…I lost myself

Written by thus.i.wrote

January 11, 2017 at 12:26 pm

In Berlin

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There was snow on the ground
Blue sky and sun all around
Was that the reason my blood was so thin?
I drank from the cup
Before I tried to get up
Why did I feel so exhausted there in Berlin?

They smoked outside in the snow
Then into cool music they go
They could hide cos the light was so dim
They kissed and caressed
She moaned and she pressed
There was a decadence there in Berlin

They gave, it seemed a lot
Fruit’s always juicy before the rot
I finished the song Ruthless to sing
The buildings big and clear
It was all a bit functional and austere
I’d a lot of mixed feelings there in Berlin

Beneath the cathedral dome
In high renaissance like Rome
The organ could let God hear us sing
Outside in the snow
Past blue stars I go
I found some peace and beauty there in Berlin

I dreamt of Lana del Rey
How I became her prey
Her vulnerability hid her desire to win
But though I know about love
Signified by that dove
I shivered with the cold there in Berlin

I lit two candles to show
That love can grow
And that closed games are such a sin
I offered up two prayers
A symbol of how much I care
Such warmth was needed there in Berlin

Written by thus.i.wrote

January 8, 2017 at 3:47 pm