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Blind Faith

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Demagogue and Populism

I speak those shallow empty words
Filled with so many lies, I sound absurd
But I accept no responsibility
I use insults and I use attacks as news
As clickbait in social media that I use
I pollute everything with incivility

I’ve undermined what experts say
The rule of law is now my prey
I’m your prophet, listen only to me
I call it fake media and I call it fake news
Cos I wanna own your reality too
I’m your prophet, listen only to me

Have faith, blind faith in me
Have trust, blind trust in me,
I wanna be your reality
Have faith, blind faith in me

My lies keep you divided and confused
I’ve hidden real problems with that ruse
I’m so full of ignorant intensity
I’ve defeated those with passionate conviction
Who used foolish truth instead of fiction
And I don’t care about inequality

Have faith, blind faith in me
Have trust, blind trust in me,
I wanna be your reality
Have faith, blind faith in me


Written by thus.i.wrote

February 17, 2017 at 12:55 pm

In Berlin

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There was snow on the ground
Blue sky and sun all around
Was that the reason my blood was so thin?
I drank from the cup
Before I tried to get up
Why did I feel so exhausted there in Berlin?

They smoked outside in the snow
Then into cool music they go
They could hide cos the light was so dim
They kissed and caressed
She moaned and she pressed
There was a decadence there in Berlin

They gave, it seemed a lot
Fruit’s always juicy before the rot
I finished the song Ruthless to sing
The buildings big and clear
It was all a bit functional and austere
I’d a lot of mixed feelings there in Berlin

Beneath the cathedral dome
In high renaissance like Rome
The organ could let God hear us sing
Outside in the snow
Past blue stars I go
I found some peace and beauty there in Berlin

I dreamt of Lana del Rey
How I became her prey
Her vulnerability hid her desire to win
But though I know about love
Signified by that dove
I shivered with the cold there in Berlin

I lit two candles to show
That love can grow
And that closed games are such a sin
I offered up two prayers
A symbol of how much I care
Such warmth was needed there in Berlin

Written by thus.i.wrote

January 8, 2017 at 3:47 pm