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The Genealogy of Morals

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We build on the past
We turn commandments into laws
We build organisation and process
To protect rights and give cause

What’s wrong and what’s right
Is no absolute thing
Because we grow and evolve
And reflect what change will bring

What’s wrong and what’s right
Is guided by what’s effective
In achieving the best for you
And the best for the collective

We all bow to the collective
To the secular unseen hand
To the arbiter of who’s effective
Of who falls and who stands


Written by thus.i.wrote

April 25, 2016 at 10:41 am

What’s Right?

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It’s just a fairytale
But you preach “It’s right”
It’s just a fairytale
But you insist “It’s right”
I think on the whole
It’s about power and control
It’s your tool for evil rule and “It’s not right”

We’ve learned from many teachers
Who believed what’s right
And they learned from many teachers
Who believed what’s right
Like them we took the best
And we discarded the rest
Because we need a modern view of what’s right

There are many things still wrong
On the road to what’s right
There are many things still wrong
On the road to what’s right
But as a democratic collective
We can be much more effective
To serve and to do what’s right

Written by thus.i.wrote

December 1, 2015 at 2:24 pm

For When The Rains Came

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If there is no God,
We’ve no one to blame,
For when the rains came;
And if there is no God,
We’ve no one to blame,
For when the storms came;

We predict the weather,
Create cities for shelter,
We share & work together
So tomorrow is better;
We find a natural solution,
The incremental execution,
Of a billion year evolution,
For our miracle resolution.

We make our human condition,
With democratic submission,
We accept subtraction and addition,
Without prayer or contrition,
We believe in what we agree,
And accept what we must be,
Without the shouting and wails,
Of medieval fairy tales.

Written by thus.i.wrote

December 1, 2015 at 10:11 am

The Universe doesn’t Know

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Ah…the universe doesn’t know
The truth of what’s beauty
The truth of what’s right.
It doesn’t know the future
It awaits our answer
As we compete and fight.

The answer we build together
From competition
From risks and duress.
And of the many who strive
Some will fail
Some will sow progress.

Our birth and death
Show we are links
In a millennial chain.
That we are but stardust…
We’re from the stars
And shall return again.

Written by thus.i.wrote

November 19, 2015 at 3:07 pm


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Sometimes I take refuge
In childhood fairytales
Where right hero defeats wrong villain
And pure heart rips through malevolent veils
It stills my beating heart and
Soothes my aching searching soul
It is a little Light to give some hope
When a complex Universe takes its toll

But you say you speak for God
…Do not lie to me
If God exists he wants big answers
And not your ugly atrocity
History is filled with liars
Who say what God would say
Before they lead people blindly
Into some barbaric play

The universe asked a question
“What is the best way to exist?”
Many civilisations have answered
“This way is best we insist”
Many Messiahs stood alone
And answered with their vision
A step for the next Messiah to see more
And to offer the next revision

No one knows the future
Only death is certain
The Universe was created
Does God know the intention?
Man created fairytales
As a Light to help us for Good
But in Paris they spread darkness
In a way no loving God would

Written by thus.i.wrote

November 15, 2015 at 6:34 pm

Later I will Dance

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Later I will rationalise
Today I will mourn
Later I will dance
Today I will be forlorn
Later I will forgive
Today I will rage
Later I will be grown up
Today I will be a child’s age
Later I will laugh again
Today I will cry
Later I will understand
Today I will ask why

Written by thus.i.wrote

November 15, 2015 at 10:44 am

Je Suis Paris

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They were young and beautiful
Those who died
Their happy faces haunt me
I felt impotent as I cried
I want to rage
Because it was so unfair
I want to scream
And rip myself bare
I want to lash out
And kill them in their lair
I want retribution
For atrocities committed there

Drugged on a twisted cult
They were young and black with hate
Dehumanised by cherry picked images
Their reason immobilised by rage
They wanted to believe the lies
To exchange loneliness and alienation
For the brotherhood of a cause
For glory and eternal salvation
They sacrificed themselves
To kill like a machine
They will never know the lies
Or know what it all means

They are a cancer
Rising in the Middle East
It sounds old medieval
It smells of the Beast
They have shown the world
They can sow brutal seeds
But much more food is needed
For an effective society to feed
We believe in our secular society
Where love and peace can grow clear
We will stand together
We weep but will never fear

Written by thus.i.wrote

November 15, 2015 at 10:00 am