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I Get You

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everything must end

I don’t like being weighed
And measured
And judged
And found wanting again
I don’t like the visceral pain
Of rejection
I’m not right
I’m not good enough again

But equally I don’t like weighing
And measuring
And judging
And finding her wanting again
I don’t like the visceral pain
Of rejection
And her not feeling right
And her feeling not good enough again

In the middle of it all
A light
A warmth
I experienced on my way
She turned and said
In a bar somewhere
I get you
I understand all you feel and say


Written by thus.i.wrote

October 15, 2016 at 11:36 am

When You were Kind

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I remember my house by the beach
We looked at the waves for hours
And the moon appeared among the stars
We listened to the music that became ours
Your father and mother were gone
And you were now on your own
I guess my noisy family and I
Made you feel less alone

You introduced me to Italy
To Venice, Florence and Rome
You were well travelled
I’d spent most of my time at home
I hated the Italian drivers
The Pont de Vecchio looked third world to me
I turned my back on Florence
But I awoke to the beauty of Tuscany

I liked how you arranged your hair
I liked the feeling of your home
I felt comfortable there, it felt real
It was a warm, curved, feminine poem
I liked to watch you laugh and move
I liked your creative, independent mind
I was attracted by your beauty
But you won my heart when you were kind

Written by thus.i.wrote

March 24, 2016 at 8:06 pm